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Seminar on 14th October 2004:
Complete Control on Project Costing and Order Management

The half day event at IBM's Parkview Office was very well attended by delegates from different industries.

The opening remark was given by Andy Poon, Project Manager of Professional Services on IBM's SMB initiatives. In this session, Andy gave a comprehensive briefing on IBM's servers that are ideal for Small to Medium Businesses.

The next topic, In-depth Study in Project Costing, was delivered by Winston Poon, Director of CCS Enterprise.

The following key topics were covered in this session:
  • Definition of Activity Based Costing
  • Originsof Activity Based Costing
  • Benefits of Activity Based Costing
  • Organisation and Information Map for Project Based Companies
  • Basis of Coding
  • Code of Practice for Classification of Construction Cost Information (CP80)
  • Benefits of CB80
  • History of CCS Enterprise

Having discussed the key benefits of activity based costing, the seminar was then passed over to Priscilla Lee, another Project Manager of Professional Services. Priscilla began by introducing CCS Enterprise as an accounting and project costing solution, followed by addressing the following key topics in the CCS Enterprise feature demonstration:

  • How to cross-charge across multiple departments in order to keep track of expenses initiatives, accurate business unit and project budgets & costs
  • Purchase control
  • Real-time electronic purchase requisition/Purchase order approvals
  • Make decisions faster with effective costing reports
  • Tracking of contract price vs budgeted expenses vs actual variance
  • Project cash flow and Multiple projects consolidation

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