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The standard accounting engine powers the whole Enterprise, including different subsidiaries and now supply different industries specifically. Since 1987, CCS Enterprise has been refining its accounting engine, its enterprise management and Administration Capability. It has been expanded to cover different industries specifically.

As business environment has become more and more competitive, the enterprise need to constantly look at their operational and financial indicator, and get a suite of software to help them to refine their business over and over.

Version 8.5 was re-designed with Management, Project Manager, Accounts and Financial Analysis in mind.

There are two latest database engines you can choose, the robust Microsoft Transactional engine and the MS SQL engine. The software is then scalable to large organizations managing thousands of transactions a day.

The other two great development of version 8.5 are web-enabled and a Chinese Version.

Come and look at the details and see how CCS Enterprise can help you.

Some screenshots of CCS Enterprise 8.5

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