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CCS Enterprise Training - Inventory & Accounting Track/Project Costing & Accounting Track
CCS Enterprise training programs are specially designed to include both basic principle of accounting as well as the use of CCS Enterprise integrated system. On the completion of the course, students will get a complete confidence of running a computerized operation system as for stock control, double-entry and update many control reports such as inventory cost reports, accounts receivable and account payable reports, GST submission and many managerial accounting reports.

The overall course is in modular format and will break out into inventory based and project based tracks.

1) General setup & implementation strategy
2) Accounts receivable
3) Accounts payable
4) Sales order
5) Purchase order
6) Inventory control
7) Cash book
8) General ledger
9) Sales analysis

CCS Enterprise Training - Project Costing & Accounting Track

Project costing training will focus on purchasing and work order operation as to accounting integration.

Project costing tracks and focuses on activity based costing concept of which job activities are accounted.

Project costing, activity based costing management demands a good communication between the actual work environment and the accounting department. Well organized coding structure is needed for accurate cost tracing.

The course is designed in modular.

1) General accounting setup
2) Purchasing & work order
3) Accounts payable
4) Project costing
5) Inventory control
6) Cash book
7) Accounts payable
8) General ledger
9) Overall module interface

On the completion of the course, students are confidence of computerized purchase function, accounts payable, cost code and cost variance reports. Both project and company profit and loss finance statements will be covered and trained.

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