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Business Consulting Services
Projects nowadays are dynamic and critical. A systematic and proven approach is necessary to make your project a success.

We recognise that most organisation are injecting huge investments into their project and organisations need a reliable and professional business management partner to make the project a success.

Our business management services has been actively involved in critical projects for many years. Our experience consultants are able to understand your business management needs and implement the proper and proven business management skill to your important projects.

We are specialised in various industries, such as Information Technology, Engineering and Construction, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing.

The scope of our services covers the following:
  • Project Requirement Study
  • Project Planning and Schedule submission
  • Performance Measuring Technique
  • Certification and Customised Training course
  • Deployment of Business Management Software tools
Business management technique is an on-going improvement to every professional. By using new concepts and tools, project teams can control and manage projects effectively, which will highly increase the productivity and return of investment of an organisation.

As project professional, building up your skill and getting the right certifications will highly benefit your future.

Our training services provided is of world-class and are recognise training services from Finance Accounting Management, Business Continuity, Business Management Concept to product specific training.

We provide quality training services and certification courses for business management professionals to increase their knowledge and business management skills.

Please check with our training department for any training course that fit your requirement. Our contact: sales@ccsenterprise.com

The list of courses we provide:-
  • Business Continuity Training - Sungard Availability Services's Assurance(CM)
    • Business Continuity Planning Awareness Course BCP-101
    • Crystals Report

  • CCS Enterprise Financial System Training
    • Inventory Control
    • Sales Order/Purchase Order/Analysis
    • General Ledger/Cash Book
    • Account Receivable/Account Payable
    • Project Costing
Business Management Process automation.

Organisation can rely on our services and increase productivity of their business management much faster than before.

Interested to talk to our experienced consultant, please contact us at sales@ccsenterprise.com. We will have a business management solution that suit your organisation needs.
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