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Get the answers from Theresa Lam, CCS product director



What is CCS Project Pro?


CCS Project Pro is an activity based accounting system that ties up with the front-end construction operation such as purchase approval, material delivery, and payment according to construction activities.  All financial transactions are integrated. The goal is to run project accounting and company accounting at the same time without the accountant to re-key data and spend extra hours on report preparation.


Why CCS Project Pro?


It is the easiest implementation of its kind in the market. CCS Enterprise has been focusing in both accounting and project management area for the last 20 years. We provide a comprehensive system, which can help our customers to gain project information so they can understand project profitability.


Who is CCS Enterprise?


CCS Enterprise was founded in 1987 with a certified software quality assurance record of ISO 9001:2000 since 1999. It has become one of the most reputable business entities in the info comm. industry in Canada and Singapore.


How long will it take to implement the system successfully?


Generally it takes one to two months to convert or setup data, with the assistance of the government cost classification code and our experienced staff.  We are confident it will be very suitable.


Who are your competitors?


I don’t know of any competitor in this level.


Our system is simple and straightforward to implement and is very suitable for mid-size to large-scale companies. In CCS, we have a quality system to make sure we deliver the right solution to our customers.


Madam Theresa Lam graduated in Computer Science from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada. She is trained on Cobol development on NEC and IBM mainframe. She has been on Intel and Windows based accounting development for almost 20 years.


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