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Company History
1987 » Started

CCS Enterprise (Formerly known as Computer Consultant Services) was established in 1987, with its head office based in Singapore. Our objective was to develop and provide integrated business software solutions to corporate and companies that aimed to streamline operations and reduce manual procedures.

During those days, most business solutions were built on expensive platforms (eg. mainframe, mini computer) Milestone achieved CCS Enterprise for DOS platform that provided a cost effective solution on PC based systems.

1990 » Multi-User Unix based CCS Inv & Acc

CCS developed the first multi-user CCS Enterprise for the UNIX Operating System. Back then, businesses were restricted to a small area. There was a rising need for flexibility and remote connections.

CCS achieved this through Linux Technology. CCS Enterprise enabled companies to deploy business across various geographical locations.

1994 » GST version

In 1994, Singapore implemented a GST (Goods and Services Tax) scheme. CCS Enterprise was a pioneer in implementing GST functions in the applications. This function set a benchmark to our success and this GST function is still inherited in our current versions.

1995 - 1998 » Win3.1 and Win98

CCS Enterprise development team started planning an upgrade of the existing CCS Enterprise Multi-user DOS version to Windows-based platform. The objective is to be compatible with common Window platforms. This increased the user base of CCS Enterprise, which extended to countries like Malaysia, China and Taiwan. Throughout the years, CCS Enterprise underwent a series of upgrades to fit various industries such as pharmaceutical, trading, retail etc.

1999 » ISO 9001 awarded

With the expansion of our user base, CCS Enterprise set our quality objective to be compliant with an international standard. After a year's worth of effort, CCS was awarded with the ISO 9001 for software development, quality and network implementation service.

2000 » Y2K Compliant

CCS Enterprise has always been Y2K compliant since the early releases. Our clients successfully transited to the year 2000, with no interruptions to their business.

2001 - 2003 » SQL and Version 8.0 Multi-Industries and Chinese versions

CCS Enterprise has furthered developed versions, such as SQL and Version 8.0 Upgrade, including a Chinese version. With the new release, CCS Enterprise supports multiple Window platforms, such as Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional etc. Our customers with Maintenance Scheme enjoy upgrades of CCS Enterprise to work on new Window platforms without additional costs.

2004 » Present

CCS Enterprise released their latest version to date, CCS Enterprise 8.5. Under 8.5, different versions were released to cater to different industries, such as Project pro, Apparel Pro, Component Pro, Trade Pro, Food Pro etc. We continue our commitment to our customers and our products.

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